Late April round-up: X-Wings, angels & Ugg-wha?

Work’s picked up again for yours truly, which accounts for the silence on the blog for a good week plus.   The good thing is, there’s been a slew of updates gaming-wise, so let’s get right to the heart of things shall we?   Firstly, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) finally gave Star Wars gamers a […]

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Special Effects

THERE are a lot of ways you can make your photographs look interesting, and these days many compact cameras come with settings that allow you to create special effects. Some cameras these days come with “filters” which allow you to take a photo of the same subject or scenery, but with different “looks”. Here are […]

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Miniatures anyone?

There’s seriously a ton of good TCGs (trading card games), CMGs (collectible / customizable miniature games), and boardgames out there, so you can believe me when I say that there’s really too many games, and so little time!

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