There’s seriously a ton of good TCGs (trading card games), CMGs (collectible / customizable miniature games), and boardgames out there, so you can believe me when I say that there’s really too many games, and so little time!

One of the more common questions I get (and still do!) is, why won’t I write about miniature games? As in, the serious kind, where players shell out their left kidney and right limbs, spend a lifetime painting them, and play hyper-realistic battles and skirmishes on “terrain” tables that fill up a a badminton court?

Well, Cards & Boards’ inception had in fact laid out the chief reasons why: all games covered by us will have fairly mass appeal. Catan? In. Monopoly? Heck yes. Puerto Rico. Right on. Magic: the Gathering? Thousands play it in Malaysia, so definite yes.

It’s still a tough one to call for traditional miniatures wargaming / gaming per se: I mean Flames of War is an example of a lower cost, easier rules sorta game. It means anyone with enough dedication (and the skills & patience to paint, or hire someone to do it on their behalf) and heart can still pursue it – but still, I’ve always felt that something like Warhammer 40k miniatures is just way to complicated to be covered by Cards & Boards. What do you classify it under, the Cards bit or the Boards portion? Hmmm…

Anyways, looks like the old rules can always be revisited. We can bend them to suit current trends, like the wise ones always say.

While I will still not cover the likes of Warhammer 40k (umm, unless Games Workshop sponsors me? Anyone? :), I’ve recently made an order for a starter kit of Privateer Press’ Warmachine, in the wake of this year’s Warmachine Prime Mk II core rulebook.

This is Warmachine’s second edition of the rulebook, for the successful miniatures gaming franchise.

So why aye Warmachine, and nay Warhammer? Why be the isolation of one, and the support-eth of the other-th?

Well, for years since it’s launch, Warmachine was always touted to be the more budget-friendly miniatures wargame: buy a pack of 4 to 5 minis, glue them up and play right away!

Can you do that with Warhammer? Not so easy: try asking around on how many miniatures and points needed to start a simple skirmish. Yes, you’ll need a fair number! Lots in fact!

Now, what on Terra is Warmachine? It’s set in a world where steampunk and magics all coexist side by side. “Warjacks” (steam-powered automatons) slug it in the world of Iron Kingdoms, controlled by “warcasters.”

There are the warjacks themselves, impressive pieces of metal and plastic, cool warcasters and even support such as infantry. And carnage and damage will be dealt by magic, gunpowder and the good old fashioned pointy weapons.

Without further ado, if you’re dying to find out more about Warmachine, try Privateer Press’ official webpage.

For some honest and unbiased reviews and comments on the game, do check out’s entry on them.

Cygnar Ironclad Warjack

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