Yeay…now that we are thismuch closer to Angie, life somehow seems way much better than it was five minutes ago, right?

Humanitarian and mother of six Angelina got hold of the already existing @angelinajolie Twitter account (which  belonged to someone else), and have locked it since.

Sources claim that Angelina doesn’t want anyone to Tweet under that name, but the good news is that the actress herself may start using the account by the end of this year.

Though she won’t be TwitPic’ing photos of herself, Brad or the kids, she may use the account for charity-related things or sharing useful links.

Angie is currently in Tokyo, Japan with her four oldest kids, to promote her hit movie Salt.


Happy family...

In the movie, Angelina plays CIA agent Evelyn Salt who is accused of being a Russian spy. The movie opened in the US last weekend and raked in $36.5mil in the domestic box office. Still, it wasn’t good enough to beat Inception (which I’m yet to watch!!!!!!) which took the number one spot for the second week in a row.

Angie took home $20mil paycheck for that role, which was initially written for snooze-fest Tom Cruise. Can you imagine Tom as Salt?

Tom’s latest movie, Knight and Day, which he co-starred with another snooze-fest Cameron Diaz, only raked $20mil in the opening weekend. Ughh..what happened to dear, old Tom who made awesome movies like Mission Impossible and whatsthename…Minority Report?

Think Angelina Jolie is the new Tom Cruise? Yeah, I think so too…

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