Aww, poor thing. The girl is in jail and the one thing she wants the most is to hang out with her family…

Though many would say that hanging out with her fame-crazy family is the reason why she’s in jail in the first place,  that’s not the point here.

I’m sure she’s missing her mom and her lil’ sis Ali (who hangs out with her everywhere)…and her two brothers Michael and Cody….but definitely not her dad (who is off fighting an assault case with his ex-gf Kate Major..who is Jon Gosselin’s former fling…haiya, so complicatedlah these people).

Things must be difficult for Lindsay, and it’s only been what…a week in jail? There were rumours that Lilo may be put under super, extra supervision after cut marks were found on her wrists. Gasp!

They claim that prison officers are contemplating to remove even toiletries from her cell, as they cannot determine how Lindsay got the scars.

Poor Linds..

Poor Linds..

Oh Lindsay, I really hope that all these trouble has only made you realise what a fool you’ve been in the last couple of years. Take this time to think about how you can rebuild your life and career and stop crying so much!

Here are a list of things you can do while in jail. You can thank me later:

1. Write a memoir. It’s what everyone is doing now.

2. Write a movie based on your life. Your lil sis can play you in that film and your mom can produce it…and you…you can direct it!

3. Eat. Pray. Love. (It’s a super good book. I highly suggest that you read it, and do what the title simply states).

4. Get over Samantha Ronson. Yeah, yeah..she’s visiting you in jail and what not..but the girl is trouble. I mean, she may be a good person but when she’s with you…she only brings out the worst in you..and I think the whole world agrees with me on this.

5. Write a song. How can I not mention this earlier? If Lil’ Wayne can come up with a hit song while behind bars…so can you, and anyone else for that matter.

Well, that’s all I got for you right now…think about what I said okay?

Lots of love and xoxo,


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