The Kardashian girls have found a new zip code to stamp their mark and it looks like they had a ball doing it.

Kim and Khloe guest starred as hyped-up version of themselves (couldn’t have been that difficult to pull off!) in the hit teen drama, 90210 and even posted a picture of themselves from the shoot.

The girls posed with AnnaLynn McCord (who looks scarily thin next to the girls, and tweeted about their awesome cameo scene.

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

On her blog, Khloe said: This was my first acting stint. Memorizing lines is not really my thing but we did it and I’m honored and thrilled! Thank you to all of the amazing people at 90210. You guys made this a really memorable experience for Kimmie and me 🙂 Such a fun day!!!!

Well, don’t make it a habit, I say. We are already overwhelmed with your (and your sisters’) appearances everywhere….



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