Getting that big break with MTV

Is working at MTV as cools as it looks? Three lucky winners got to go behind the scenes and help produce MTV World Stage 2015 Malaysia.

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Jason Derulo says “record labels are tired of building artists”

“2015 is so different from how it was in 1980. As an upcoming artist today, you have to build your own fan base. You have to have all the chops because [record labels] don’t just want potential anymore, they want an already finished product.”

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Encounter with EXO

By AZUREEN SOON and LOI BI LIAN MTV World Stage was held in Malaysia for the fifth year last weekend and EXO was among the performers. BRATs had the chance to attend an exclusive invite-only group interview with members of EXO, the super rookie K-pop idol group which is divided into EXO-M and EXO-K. […]

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Totally far out

By KEVIN TAN Kev Nish, J-Splif, , Prohgress and DJ Virman of Far East Movement had many reasons to be excited about peforming at the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia last Sunday in Sunway Lagoon, Selangor. “We love the crowd. The energy from the Malaysian is audience is off the hook. The last […]

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Subscribe to RageOnlineTV on Youtube

  This is a little embarassing, but our latest video is actually a shout-out from Irish pop duo Jedward. Never heard of ‘em? Let’s just say they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. You’ll see why in the video. But don’t worry, we also have an exclusive video of Jayesslee performing a cover of Jason Mraz’s […]

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Going places

By TRECIA TAN IN 2009, South Korean girl group Kara inadvertently created a huge craze over what came to be known as the “butt dance”, an over-the-top dance move choreographed for their most popular single to date, Mister. For many K-pop fans, it was the dance move that made the song a hit, as […]

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Rock on!

My first live “concert”, was at a Wheel Of Fortune show. My friend had a free ticket to go to the TV game show, which had the British boy band A1 as guest artistes.

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