Whatsapp’s new update tells you whether you’re being ignored

“Has my message been read? Has it been read and ignored? Has it NOT been read? What do all the ticks mean??” Whatsapp’s new update and your friendly neighbourhood R.AGE team help to clear up all the confusion.

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“We are never ever getting back together, Spotify!” – Taylor Swift

“Loving you was like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street…” Taylor Swift has shaken off music streaming giant Spotify! How have they responded?

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News and updates

The Internet has not stopped buzzing ever since Justin Bieber announced that he wants to be a father. The news sent teenage girls all over the world into a frenzy, with each of them hoping to be the lucky one who will “produce” Baby Bieber. Girls, get a grip. First of all, yes, Justin wants […]

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How do we feel about Phil?

After a few summers of relative scrounging, Alex Ferguson had promised Manchester United fans a spending spree, so how do feel about his first piece of business, Blackburn defender Phil Jones?

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Schalke shell-shocked

Were Manchester United that good, or were the opposition just plain bad? I’d have to say it was more the latter.

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Free news

IF YOU are a regular reader of the New York Times online, your days of reading its content for free are numbered.

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