At long last, Whatsapp has decided to hear our pleas of “Has he/she read my messages or not? Why haven’t I gotten a reply??”

Apparently, they have rolled out an update to the app: A double tick has always meant the message has been delivered to the recipient’s phone, but now a BLUE double tick means it has been read. We foresee a drop in false “Have you been ignoring me??” accusations.

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“Gua bagi lu dua like!” Photo from

For those still in the dark:

1 tick: Message successfully sent
2 ticks: Message successfully delivered to the recipient
2 BLUE ticks: Message read!

If you have yet to see any blue ticks, update your app! If you have, and still don’t see anything, it could be a staggered release so just hang in there and you should receive the update sometime soon.

Now to wait for that reply…



Feature photo credits: Yellow Mango Communications


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