BRAT in the limelight

Performing arts enthusiast, Roshinee Mookaiah shares how BRATs has contributed to her love for theatre.

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Not a girl gamer

ESports host pindaPanda wants to be known as a gamer, just without the word ‘girl’ affixed to it.

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BRAT turned chief editor: Keeshaanan Sundaresan

A lover of sports and writing, this former BRAT is living the sports journalist dream

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The Malaysian comic artist who became a celebrity by drawing them

Pocotee Loh is one of Malaysia’s most successful comic artists, having made a name for herself drawing some of the world’s biggest movie stars.

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The grit in great

The Apprentice Asia winner Jonathan Yabut talks about success and why it’s a bad idea to follow the #YOLO trend.

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Goh tarts, Goh!

Jonker 88 apart, BRATs also spoke to the owner of Madam Goh Nyonya Pineapple Tarts House, who still makes tarts by hand.

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Dressed to impress

United States-based costume designer Tan Jeaw Nyee will be in town to conduct the upcoming Costume Designing Workshop.

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The tinman of Jonker Street

When it comes to skilled carftsmen, you won’t find many better than tinsmith Lee Kiang Sim.

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Best. Friends. Forever.

The incredible story of two ladies who have run their businesses side-by-side – for 58 years!

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Power to the pedal

Mohd Salleh Abdul’s bright pink Hello Kitty-decorated trishaw has ferried not only tourists, but also prominent figures.

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