What I’ve learnt about racism on the property market

Our contributor-turned-realtor Clarissa Say gives her perspective on racial discrimination on the rental market.

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Realty bites

Young real estate agents are tired of homeowners’ racial preferences, but face an uphill battle for change.

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To the city limits

By KEVIN TAN IMAGINE travelling 90km twice a day, or spending four to five hours on the road every day, just to get to work or school. It might sound absolutely crazy, but for a variety of reasons – mainly increasing property prices and terrible traffic – some young Malaysians are doing just that, […]

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Living for the city

If you’re a young professional working in the Klang Valley, chances are you’ve been stuck in quite a few property investment conversations. While investing in property might seem like the cool new thing to do, the reality is, most young people living around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor have been facing problems buying their first homes. […]

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