Courting discrimination

By DANIEL SUBRAMANIAM THERE are a lot of things for young couples to worry about: planning romantic dates on a student’s budget, balancing study time and couple time, and the endless nightmares that come with trying to coordinate the perfect matching outfits. Jokes aside, for mixed race couples, there can be larger issues to […]

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Love issues

By ANGELYN HO ALMOST all of us have experienced love and “romantic” relationship during adolescence. It is part of growing up and experiencing life, but romance and courtship aside, teenage love is not as simple and innocent as many people believe. Teens have expressed their difficulties in making tough decisions in relationships; whether to […]

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Searching for the truth

I AM 16 and I’ve known V for four years. We weren’t close before, but we now hang out a lot and he often calls me.My friends told me that he likes me and has a crush on me because he calls me darling in front of his friends. Without thinking much of it, I […]

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Friendship dilemma

I AM a 17-year-old girl and my close friends are S and P. We have been together since Form One. However, S and P have known each other since primary school. S is friendly, cheerful and an extrovert. P is very “princess-y”, stubborn and sensitive. No one is brave enough to tell P her mistakes. […]

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