Friendly rivals

They’re an odd couple, Jason McAteer and David May. One’s skinny, the other’s chubby (don’t tell him that, though). One’s gregarious, the other’s awkward. One’s Irish, the other’s English. And, of course, one used to play for Liverpool, the other for Manchester United. “I don’t even like him!” said Treble-winning former United defender May. “And […]

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Past vs. Present

IT’S not often that Alex Ferguson is described as gracious in defeat, but then again, it’s not often he gets so comprehensively beaten.

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Misbehavin’ boys

IT’S easy to see why Manchester United are the most hated football club in England after the events of the last couple of weeks.

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United career in Roo-ins

If Alex Ferguson’s dealings with star players who dared step out of line at Manchester United is anything to go by, then Wayne Rooney’s ticket to Spain should already have been booked.

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Replacing the irreplaceable

Football can be a real b**** sometimes. Less than a year ago, some Manchester United fans were wondering if Paul Scholes, the “ginger-haired ninja” (and why ninja, I’ll never know) should just fall on his own sword and call it quits.

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