More celeb news

WHAT would our lives be without some weekly dosage of crazy celebrity news? Absolutely, pretty boring. Well, it’s a good thing then that the Hollywood folks have been busy and the celebrities have given us plenty of things to talk about this time around. Here’s a roundup on what’s been going down in Tinseltown recently. […]

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Can you handle the truth?

JOAN Rivers is one heck of a loud and obnoxious woman. She is also brash, insensitive and often times downright annoying. But I love her to bits. Every time I watch an episode of Fashion Police on E! I can’t help but think “OMG, this makcik is awesome!” She simply is. There are many people […]

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News worthy!

Simon Cowell is off the market – well, kind of actually.

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Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol

Hey folks, it’s Niki here just filling in for Sharmila “Sharm on the Scene” Nair, who’s out of KL on assignment.

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