Digital safety

The importance of social media security is back under the spotlight after the AP Twitter hacking. By DAVID LIAN IT doesn’t seem to end, does it? This spate of big network hacks is just going on and on. Last week, the Associated Press’ (AP) official Twitter account was hacked and a false tweet was […]

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Last week’s tag: #Tweetjack

IN today’s social media savvy world, it’s easy to become a victim of “social media hijacking”– a popular prank among the youth nowadays. Social media hijacking happens when someone uses an individual’s Twitter or Facebook (or any other social media, for that matter) account and posts updates without prior consent While the prank is mostly […]

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  By KEVIN TAN and PHYLLIS HO ONE fine day, Chee Yun Sam, a 22-year-old model, started getting a barrage of angry tweets and messages from his friends. Apparently, Chee had posted something rather racist on his Twitter account, and a lot of people weren’t taking too kindly to it. Only problem was – […]

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