IN today’s social media savvy world, it’s easy to become a victim of “social media hijacking”– a popular prank among the youth nowadays.

Social media hijacking happens when someone uses an individual’s Twitter or Facebook (or any other social media, for that matter) account and posts updates without prior consent

While the prank is mostly intended for fun and laughs, it can get out of hand if at times.

In our cover story last week, we addressed some of the issues of social media hijacking, and its what happens when it gets out of control. We also highlighted the laws concerning the misuse of social media and its consequences.

Here are some of the responses we got during #RAGEchat last week:

@zakiansulhi: It’s not wrong to play pranks on your friends, as long as it isn’t over the limits. It is a good idea to hint them about it

@Kyp_Lim: It’s fun so long as you don’t post something so stupid that the full force of the law is gonna come down on you

@ReiznFelixite: social media hijacking? It’s very dangerous if hijacked by wrong ppl. They can post anything which will cause problems later.

@ArraWraith: I’ve been facebook-jacked often. Most of the time it’s pretty funny and harmless.

@RachieWongie: Um, no. It’s wrong. You should never let anyone have access to your online accounts. Never. Ever.

@vinceganvt: True. It may be all fun and games if you’re doing it with friends, but don’t post anything damaging.

@peeciella: crossing the line would be when a person is defaming the owner or friend’s of owner 🙂

@eyerizzz: You wouldn’t want someone going through your email or mailbox. Y should Twitter or FB be any different?

Fortunately, none of our followers have faced serious consequences from social media hijacking. Here are some examples of our followers’ experience with social media hijacking:

@AliaLiverpool: A friend tweetjacked me n said “hi. i am cute. my friends are cuter”. Maybe they lack love from me.

@SyalinDirection: I did! I’m a huge Directioner and my friends took my phone and started to tweet hate to One Direction! I was mad!

@iarrod: I DID the hijacking XD But no harm done, I just posted on my own FB wall from my cousin’s acc saying, “BESTEST COUSIN IN THE WORLD”

@alvinkok_2: I hijacked my boss with “If I get 50 LIKES, i’d SHAVE”. He shaves his head bald next week. Comments were funny. #RAGEchat

@amuyo_tomoko: Never experienced #tweetjack. I’ve habit of logging out all #SocialMedia sites and email accounts on public coms. 🙂

@DrS94: harmless prank (mostly) not prevalent to be termed culture

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