Are you able to get past the Lich King?

The recent resurgence of interest in the World of Warcraft TCG is certainly a breath of fresh air, and while I really doubt it will reach the heights of its early days, it’s good to ensure some diversity in the local TCG market.

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Boot camp, part 2

Previously I had a smattering of introductory links to card games and boardgames: as a follow-up from that, here are several useful links that will help you decide what to buy should you want to get started.

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Boot Camp: Part 1

As much as I’m passionate about all things cards and board-related – TCGs (trading card games), boardgames and to a lesser extent, collectible miniature games – there are also people out there who don’t understand what is the difference between a Magic card and a D&D Miniatures stat card.

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