Previously I had a smattering of introductory links to card games and boardgames: as a follow-up from that, here are several useful links that will help you decide what to buy should you want to get started.

Magic: the Gathering

M10_Intro Pack3_Nature's Fury is a massive resource for all things Magic, and we’re not just talking about the a comprehensive database (the Gatherer), the latest news on new sets, cards and the top decks of today.

You’d be forgiven if you find it hard to start – there’s tons to read, or catch up on, especially when you’re new to it all.

So, I’m going to recommend the new ones to check out the product pages – the summary, highlights and of course card lists plus images of every set can be tracked by the expansion, here.

The more experienced who wants to know the best way to teach people how to play Magic / any other TCG can check out Kelly Digges’ ‘Opening The Door” article here.

World of Warcraft:

starter_deathknight WEBAvid WoW TCG-ers and newbies will delight at the upcoming Class Decks. These entry-level and very collectible themed starter decks will feature a selection of each class’ best and most memorable cards – stay tuned at the official site for more info!

Those very same decks will also feature three new quests and new alternate art versions of King Magni Bronzebeard and Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. More details on that and WoW TCG’s 2010 releases here.

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