The legend continues

When we talk about trading card games (TCGs), the titles that surely come to our minds are Magic: The Gathering, World Of Warcraft and of course, Pokemon. What many fail to remember is that there are scores of other TCGs out there, with their own niche followings and communities. One of these niche games is […]

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Connect with the good folks at

Itching to play a boardgame but not quite sure where to sign up? Well,’s got you covered there!

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A Magic player's tale

Today’s Cards & Boards blog post is contributed by a well-known name in the Malaysian gaming scene, Terry Soh.

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Boot camp, part 2

Previously I had a smattering of introductory links to card games and boardgames: as a follow-up from that, here are several useful links that will help you decide what to buy should you want to get started.

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How I read while gaming

Before I kickstart my very first blog post, I’d like to congratulate the R.AGE team on its landmark revamp.

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Cards & Boards coming up

Come back soon as our resident Cards & Boards columnist Chee Yih Yang and some of his gaming friends fill you in on what’s new in their world!

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