Itching to play a boardgame but not quite sure where to sign up? Well,’s got you covered there!If you’re itching to play a boardgame, and your regular kaki seem to be missing, then look no further than checking out the website, (No guarantee on if you’re able to get in, as spots are limited, naturally!)

The games blog is a brainchild of Cheras-based C.K. Au, who uses the blog to record his group’s latest game sessions and summaries.

The blog’s full of detailed game accounts with loads of pictures as well. Very nicely done I must say – it’s almost like being there, minus the 3D experience!

So the next time you’re shopping for a Euro / designer boardgame, you will definitely want to check out as the first-hand experiences of Au and his posse will certainly come in handy for you.

Check it out, now!

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