PHOTOS: The world commemorates Charlie Hebdo massacre victims

The massacre at Charlie Hebdo’s office was an attack against freedom of expression, and the world is rallying against it.

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LIVE BLOG: The Charlie Hebdo Massacre

People around the world were left shaken after the Charlie Hebdo terror attack that killed 12 people.

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Sony to release ‘The Interview’ on Christmas. Obama approves.

Looks like Sony will release The Interview on Christmas after all, with U.S. president Barack Obama backing the move.

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The Interview, Seth Rogen, James Franco, North Korea, Sony, Hack

U.S. says North Korea is behind Sony hack

It now looks like American officials believe North Korea is “centrally involved” in the recent Sony hacking and information leaks.

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Official trailer of “The Interview”

So, a Seth Rogen film might just set off an international conflict. Who’d have thought?

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The Sony hacking: What you need to know

Eight things you should know about the hacking that has rocked Hollywood.

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Twitterverse responds to the heinous crimes committed in Peshawar with messages expressing profound grief and, ultimately, solidarity.

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The end of the Sydney siege

It’s all over, but with three dead – including the hostage-taker – many questions have to be asked.

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Ed Sheeran Is 2014’s Most Streamed Artiste On Spotify

Spotify named Ed Sheeran as the most streamed artiste of 2014 after his songs were heard for more than 860 million times around the world!

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Voices of dissent

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy “umbrella revolution” has been driven by young people. Here are some of their stories.

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