The lion dance brotherhood

Lion dancers rely on a combination of brotherhood, teamwork and discipline to put on a successful show.

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Young Lions, Kun Seng Keng, Lion dance, World Champion

Lion dance champ

World-class lion dancer Low Tong Sheng strives to put on a good show every time he wears the lion costume.

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Lion dancing to the beat

Lion dance relies on drummers to set the beat, and that’s where people like Mariam Abdul Nazar come in.

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How lion dance costumes are made

The story of a young man who spent the last ten years training to be one of the few remaining artisans that build lion dance costumes.

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Malaysian lion dance is at risk

Malaysia has some of the world’s best young lion dance performers, but that could all change real soon.

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Credit where it’s due

Fabio Capello has been praised for giving youth a chance, while Roberto Mancini got a pat on the back for taking a gamble on a free agent. If I had not known any better, I would have thought that I had woken up to the footballing equivalent of 28 Days Later. Just imagine, a desolated […]

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Expensive Englishmen

IT’S one of those things you hear so often that you just sort of accept it as truth – in this day and age, English football players cost more. That, my friends, is how ghost stories, mysterious UFO sightings, Bigfoot and the perception of Taylor Swift as a singer came about. As illogical and ridiculously […]

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