HOW many times have we groaned about getting up in the morning and having to get ready for work? Like, “Argh, why can’t I bring my work to bed?”

Well, c’est la vie – unless you work as a human bed-tester (what an awesome job that would be).

However, we might have discovered the next best thing at the Spring Summer 2012 fashion week. Or have we?

Bring your bed to work

First, we had the bed-head hair trend made popular by Kate Moss. Now, the fashion masterminds have presented us with the Pyjama Party trend.

Yes, those slouchy pyjama sets in your wardrobe are now fashion pieces to be worn outside your bedroom. Who would have thought?

Comfortable cotton pantsuits and lush silk pyjama sets are now gracing magazines and runways, both separately and together. They are fast becoming a designer’s favourite having been seen at fashion shows by Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Charlotte Ronson, Rachel Roy and the lot.

Even US Vogue gave a nod to this trend by putting polka dot pyjamas on the Olsen twins in its April 2011 issue. I guess it was cute, but how often will you see people by the beach sipping drinks in their pyjamas?

While some of us are scratching our heads at the pyjama look, some fashion enthusiasts are forking out almost £1,000 (RM4,938) for a Stella McCartney set. I almost feel bad that my pyjamas cost less than RM100.

Let’s be honest. Just like Daisy Dumas wrote in her The Daily Mail article, pyjamas are worn by grandpas, sick children and cartoon bananas. They have never been seen as sexy and glamorous attire to be worn on the streets of the world. Has a genius trend been discovered or has fashion gone nuts?

I was eager to find out what was so appealing about these pyjamas to help me better understand the craze.

Firstly, no one can argue with the comfort factor. The loose and baggy buttoned shirt, the airy wide-legged trousers, the kind and non-judgmental elastic waistband and the softness of silk grazing your skin while you’re meeting a client at work – all are enough to keep you feeling on top of the world in the office.

Secondly, there is a certain cool factor with these pyjamas. When someone oozes confidence walking down the street with his/her pyjamas and a coffee cup in hand, you’d probably think: “Wow, he’s a bit of a cuckoo …”

But after a few seconds, you might just think: “This guy is pretty cool to pull off this look!” Unless, of course, you see him walking everyday with that ensemble.

Clearly, he’s sleepwalking.

At the Battleship premiere in Japan, Rihanna chose an Emilio Pucci pyjama suit that brought a whole new meaning to the trend. Looking absolutely stunning, she brought sexy back with a plunging neckline, gold accessories and stilettos.

Rihanna at the 'Battleship' premiere in PJs

Pyjamas were made even cooler as streetwear after the Topman fashion show cleverly named “Rebellious Decadence”. You put rebellious in the name, and teenagers immediately associate it with coolness. I am quite a skeptic when it comes to this trend, but even I have to admit that the Topman show was cool, especially with the printed pyjamas worn under fitted blazers. It could have been because of the almost perfect male models though. I’m still undecided.

Thirdly, some have noted how seductive this trend can be with the sensual bedroom reminders and plunging necklines. I completely disagree after growing up watching Bananas In Pyjamas, but hey, to each their own. After all, King of Pyjamas Hugh Hefner has had many girlfriends, but he’s never dumped his trusted velvet dressing gown. So maybe there is magic in the pyjamas after all?

But if you would like to brave this look, there are some rules to go by. The pyjama is already the most comfortable piece of clothing in the universe, so do not try to be greedy with comfort by pairing them with your trusted flip flops or baggy knit cardigans.

The pyjama trend is to be worn with confidence and that means heels. As drab as the average pyjamas may look, some can make it look smart with a nicely tailored fitted blazer.

Naturally, pyjama tops are boxy, baggy and shape-blind. Show off your waist by cinching it with a belt like Rihanna did at her Battleship premiere. The belt makes miles of a difference! Show a bit of skin by rolling up the sleeves to break away from looking like you’re wearing a sack.

Last bits to remember, smaller prints are more flattering than big loud prints. And never ever wear pyjamas made out of terry towel fabric.

I might not be the first person to step out of my house in my drab sleeping kaftan tomorrow, but if you have the courage, do it! Fashion is meant to be fun anyway, so you might as well try it while it’s still hot in trend.

Never did I ever think that I would be writing a fashion piece on streetwear pyjamas. Such a funny world we live in. Pretty soon, the next trend will be

*Vivy Yusof is the managing director of

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