medivhtheprophetThe World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, or WoW TCG in short, is sure continuing the good vibes for its fans. It’s preview time, for its upcoming new expansion, Reign of Fire!


The story arc for the popular TCG continues its blast to the past, namely, Warcraft 3, as the game’s designers focus on the Burning Legion storyline.


One of biggest draws for WoW TCG are the big money cards, and this set looks set to unearth quite a few yet. Medivh the Prophet leads a pack of heavy hitters, and we’ll be sure to get more than one in this set.


What deck archetypes will thrive and fall, when Reign of Fire clocks in? What cards will rise to the top, and which ones will fall to the wayside? Will it bring back some old favorites? Stay tuned, as the set is due for sneak previews late July!


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