THINK rooftop bars are the pinnacle of wining and dining experiences? Think again.

There are two establishments now in the Klang Valley that are taking things to completely new heights – by letting you party on helipads. That’s right. Helipads.

If you think about it, helipads totally make sense. Not only are they way up on the rooftops, but they also give you unobstructed, star-lit, 360 degree views.

So for this week’s Off The Hook, we give you the low-down on these two places, Heli Lounge and Stratosphere, where you and your friends can give the helipad experience a try.

Heli Lounge Bar

The Heli Lounge Bar offers a stunning and crystal clear view of the petronas twin towers

The Heli Lounge Bar offers a stunning and crystal clear view of the petronas twin towers

This little gem is hidden right in the heart of KL’s Golden Triangle, at Menara KH, along Jalan Sultan Ismail.

And you know what that means – perfect views of the Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower and the rest of the city’s bright lights.

Heli Lounge can accommodate 150 people on the helipad, and another 150 people in the lounge downstairs, which has a pretty cool aeronautical-themed design. The deejay console was made from a Boeing 747 engine, where

Grilled salmon and heli wings are the go to eats

Grilled salmon and heli wings are the go to eats

DJ Discfunktion spins from 9pm onwards every Friday and Saturday when you can party all the way to 3am.

If you’re planning to have some dinner, you can have mains like grilled salmon (one of their signature dishes) in a booth made from Boeing 737 cabin panels. Unfortunately, you can only bring starters up to the helipad. We’d recommend you bring the Heli Wings or Cheesy Jalapeno Wonton with you.

As for drinks, there are some interesting choices like Chopper, Star Kiss, Hellusion (a favourite among girls, apparently) and the rather aptly named Jet Fuel.

Once you get your drinks, you climb up two flights of stairs and prepare to have your mind blown, because the views really are breathtaking. It’s a perfect place to ring in the New Year, obviously, because you’ll have front row seats to all the fireworks displays around KL.

For reservations, call 03-21105034.


It's during nighttime that Statosphere's true beauty lights up, in the form of it's glowing furniture, as well as the starry city skyline

It’s during nighttime that Statosphere’s true beauty lights up, in the form of it’s glowing furniture, as well as the starry city skyline

While climbing the three flights of exposed stairs to reach Stratosphere, it’s really hard not to imagine yourself as a James Bond character – especially now that we’ve pointed it out.

With neither roof nor walls to shield patrons from Petaling Jaya’s glittering skyline, lights on the helipad are kept to a minimal, allowing the glow of the city and the stars above to do their thing.

The grassy helipad and glowing neon furniture makes it all feel like a combination between a billionaire’s garden party and a college rooftop bash.

To enjoy a night on top of the city will cost you an RM50 cover charge, for which you’ll receive either a bottle of beer, a glass of champagne or some juice.

They also serve some nifty cocktails up on the rooftop. You should try their mojitos, which is their bestseller.

The mojito is one of Startosphere's bestselling cocktails

The mojito is one of Startosphere’s bestselling cocktails

On most nights, their music is a blend of house, pop and top 40s; but they also have a few in-house deejays for special occasions such as weddings and parties.
But what happens if it rains, you ask? Well first of all, you should call in advance in case of unexpected closures to the helipad. And if it starts raining mid-way through your drinks, you’ll be escorted to other areas of the rooftop in the building.

For reservations, call 012-6910628.

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