cloud-city-operativeI’ve been going on and on about Fantasy Flight Games’ (FFG’s) Star Wars Living Card Game (SW LCG) for a bit: what can I say, it’s been an impressive game thus far.


Now, the more bloodthirsty and hardcore players will want to check out the tournament rules here, which have just been unveiled by FFG.


Quick check at the rules reveals what many have suspected already: we’ll definitely need both Light and Dark Side decks in order to play a round. One round of play is 70 minutes, for two games. This sounds about right – not too tight, and not too long either.


Since the tournament rules for SW LCG also go on a points-based system, there’s actually a lengthy exposition on how scores are tallied. Wins are two points, ties are one point, and losses give no points, but given the differing victory conditions for both Light and Dark, a number of possible player scores have been given.


So what do you think? Does this set you up to play in a tournament if one appears in your area?


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