Ever heard of #Twitteradio? No? That’s because we just made it up!

We here at R.AGE are always finding new ways to make the voice of Malaysian youth heard, and here’s our latest platform – R.AGE on Red, which is basically R.AGE on Red FM (104.9). We’re already on print (obviously), Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, so why not radio, right?

We’re basically integrating everything – our cover story comes out on Friday, we open the story up for discussion on our #RAGEchat Twitter discussion at 3:30pm, and then we sum up all your best opinions and read out your most insightful tweets on radio later at 7-8pm. Think of it as a radio chat show about the latest youth issues, trends and personalities – but one which goes beyond radio and all the way into Twitterverse. Hence #Twitteradio! =P

And while we’re on air (and online), you can give us a call to tell us what you think. Argue with us, dispute what we wrote, tell us what we missed, tweet us links that add to our story… We don’t mind. The most important thing is the young people of Malaysia get a chance to speak their minds, and to tell the rest of the country what’s important to us and what we’re all about. Just keep it mature and constructive, a’ight?

Tonight, our topic will be #FastDifference, based on our cover story today about young people who are using Ramadan as an opportunity to practice abstinence from certain bad habits.

So make sure you tune in, both to @thestar_rage AND Red FM!

Tell us what you think!

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