Young people have the innate ability to look at the world in different views. This is why Sunway University College wants young people to allow others a sneak peek into how their minds work and how they perceive the things around them.

The university’s department of performance and media is currently organising a Not Quite Right Competition 2012 – a video competition with a twist – for the youth.

Focusing more on creativity than technicality, the video competition encourages young people to pick up their camera, shoot and make a short video on anything that strikes them as odd, out of the ordinary, “tak kena”, outrageous and simply not quite right!

You have probably seen lots of things that have struck you as odd. We live in a crazy world and there are many things that are not quite right out there.

The competition rules are simple:

l Just make a video between one and seven minutes and submit it in. The age limit is from 16 to 20 years old, and the best part is, the competition is open to non-Malaysians as well!

l You can be in any part of the world and still take part in Not Quite Right, as long as you make the video without any professional help.

l Don’t worry if your camera skills are not on par with that of Steven Spielberg’s, just be creative and make sure that the video clip has reasonably good visual and audio quality.

l It can be in any language; however, you need to add English subtitles for videos that are not in that language.

l The closing date for entries March 16, so you better start shooting now.
Visit to download the entry forms and read competition rules and regulations. You may also view other video clips made by the performance and media students from Sunway.

E-mail for more information.

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