• Su

    Back when it happened, i didnt know that the danger was real. I knew it was dangerous but not to the extent of feasible harm. Also, i was not aware of this community. The community of men and their desire towards younger girls. I thought that it was normal to have those kind of relationships. As long as i could control them. And before i knew it, i was in too deep. Thank god it was nothing life changing or traumatising till the point of no return. It was cause i was only exposed to this ‘world’ for 3 years before realising it was very wrong. If it lasted longer, i might have just done something that’ll change my life.

    • Thanks for the support Su, we’ve found that a lot of victims don’t realise it’s wrong, because of the way they’ve been manipulated by these men. Please support our anti-grooming laws campaign by signing the pledge and spreading the word 🙂

  • Jo

    I am glad that this topic is being brought up now. Wouldn’t want any young girls out there to have to endure the scary experience that I had. Things that can’t be reversed happened and the sicko is still walks the street freely. Hope that the law can be passed soon to protect our younger generation from “them”.

    • Thanks Jo, we also hope to prevent future cases by encouraging an anti-grooming act. Please help us by signing the pledge and spreading the word; we also want these sickos off the streets.

  • Hazlin Aminudin
  • Y

    I totally agree with Su and Jo. Just to share. Six years ago when I was in my mid-20s and started work, I met a male colleague who’s sporting and popular among everyone in office. However, behind the innocent nice appearance, he made a few innuendos which to me now, are acts of grooming. First, he acted very friendly, offered me rides in his car, and would show his attention to me, which felt normal as I was single then. Later, when I started going along with his attention, he’d text me telling me that he wants to sleep with me. At first, I thought he was just kidding and told him “yeah right” although I never slept with him. Later, he began to request me for night outing and pictures of intimate parts of my body. To convince me that he’s all for it, he also sent me picture of his intimate part (via MMS, those days before Whatsapp became a norm). I did not go along with his request, but being in a dilemma then, in return, I sent him MMS of something from the Google Image just to shut him up. Later, upon seeking the advice of another colleague (my mentor) confidentially and upon gathering enough willpower, I politely told him that no, I’m not going to give anything of that sort. Fortunately, he respected my decision and did not pursue any further. In short, he wanted sexual relationship, but without wanting any commitment with me as a dating couple. Silly as it may sound to me today, I am sure that if I almost fell victim in my 20s, we can thus imagine what may happen to children out there with groomers. Education and awareness is therefore absolutely crucial, not only among children, but also among parents and generally everyone, so that we know what to look out for in order to avoid themselves/their children falling victim to sexual exploitation.

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