Angels (from left) Behati Prinsloo, Doutzen Kroes, Alessandra Ambrosio and Marisa Miller share their favorite holiday gift picks at the new Victoria’s Secret store in New York.

Aah…what wouldn’t I give to switch DNAs with them. Moving on…

Georgina’s design?

Gossip Girl’s resident bad girl Michelle Trachtenberg has just inked a deal with Coach on a jewellery collection under the brand’s Poppy line.

Wow, we didn’t know Michelle could act and do other worthy stuff. Maybe you should start hanging around positive influences like this, LiLo!

And speaking of Gossip Girl, did you check out Leighton Meester donning a ridonkulous outfit recently?

OMG…you should totally see this video of Leighton performing a five-song set in New York and girl was wearing a crazy ass costume!

Props to LM for appearing in public dressed like that.

Happily brainwashed married

It’s been three years since Tom Cruise took Katie Holmes hostage as his lawfully wedded wife.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding photo.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding photo.

The happy (really?) couple celebrated their anniversary like every other normal couples do – with a romantic dinner – except that they had two of those, surrounded by an army of bodyguards.

Perez Hilton claims  that Tommy boy reportedly rented out the entire second floor of Bricco Restaurant in Boston, where the couple feasted on pasta, fish and steak and “held hands the entire night.”

On Sunday night, they had another celebratory meal at Abe & Louie’s restaurant, also in Boston, surrounded by their security team.

I sincerely hope Katie will manage to escape one of these days, despite the many bodyguards her husband has stationed around her everyday.



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