PART time jobs aren’t just about the money. Before you start whining about the “hardship” that comes with the responsibility, take a good look at the plus points that come it – and its share of the bad too.


Reality check
As most teens are generally sheltered from the “real world” – though they may beg to differ – these jobs can give them a rough idea of how organisations work while exposing them to people of various walks of life and how (well or terribly) they can behave.

“People are going to try to bully you and that’s when you learn how to deal with these situations,” said career consultant Sheela Chandran.

Conversely, those without such experience may be in for a culture shock when they start working.

The added value
General manager Alma Othman believes that these jobs can instill a handful of values and skills too.

“Though part time jobs may consist of simple tasks, it allows you to practise discipline, time management and communication skills,” she stated.

According to Alma, communication skills and the right attitude are the bare necessities for fresh graduates who are trying to impress potential employers.


Alma Othman from Adecco

Enhanced employability
Sheela, who has conducted a great deal of interviews, explained:

“As fresh graduates don’t have any actual work background, we look for life experiences instead. We want to see co-curricular activities, leadership roles, community service and such.

“So I would put a part timer ahead of those with their own businesses because I know that they’ve gone out and interacted with people. Plus, they are also coming with a wider perspective of the ‘real world’.”


Minimal pay
While you’re making just RM5 an hour at a fast food chain, your friend could easily be making twice as much through his online business with half the effort.

Time consuming
Every hour you spend could have been used on studying, hanging out with your friends or even nothing at all. Some may argue that it’s a more productive way to spend your weekend, but really, give us a break!

Poor academic performance
In 2011, the American Bureau Labor of Statistics ran a study which found students spending “49 minutes less on homework on the days they worked”.

As a result, their grades could drop from A- to C-.

So if you struggle with time management, maintaining your grades can be a challenge.

Bad bosses
Managers can be mean. They can also overwork (or bully) you, whether intentional or not. Asyraf Ahmad, a full time retail associate at a branded store, says that more is expected out of part-timers as they work shorter hours. But it is mostly subjective, and if you look at it from a positive light, it’s pretty much how the ‘real world’ looks – ugly.

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