Each one of us have a favorite hangout. My playgroup for instance, always play Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game in a shopping mall that’s near for everyone in the gang (Tropicana City Mall).


When we played Magic: the Gathering and then the World of Warcraft TCG, we alternated between the local gaming shop and the nearby coffee place. We went with which ever place that had the easiest parking, lightest traffic and occasionally, the most decent snacks and drinks.


So how do game shops here keep up? What do each of them have as USPs (unique selling propositions)? In a hyperconnected era when the variety of leisurely pursuits are so diverse (people can easily spend their free time doing lots of other equally interesting hobbies), how do shops keep customers, fans and gamers, coming back?


I’ll be finding out more about these in the upcoming print issue of Cards & Boards. If you have two cents to contribute to my article, I’ll still be taking in your comments to the above questions, in the coming week – fire away why don’t you?


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