YOU probably know who all the YouTubers at Reach Out 2014 are, but the real stars of the youth volunteerism convention were the three activists who came to Malaysia to help educate us on just what it means to volunteer.

Here are their stories:

Andy Ridley
Andy Ridley is the CEO and co-founder of Earth Hour, one of the world’s largest grassroots environmental movements. Now the whole world does that whole turn your lights off for an hour thing, all because of Ridley’s work in helping Mother Earth. He recently led Earth Hour into the most exciting stage of its evolution when he launched Earth Hour Blue – a digital platform designed to capture the power of the people through crowd-funding and crowd-sourcing, effectively turning Earth Hour from an event into a movement.

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Rob Dyer

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When Dyer was younger, he lost many of his loved ones to cancer. Channelling all that pain into his passion – skateboarding – he decided to create a skate marathon that started on the west coast of the United States, ending in his hometown near Toronto. And that is how his foundation, Skate4Cancer was founded. Rob has since skated across Canada, a huge area of Australia, and covered the entire length of New Zealand, raising awareness about early detection of cancer and how it can save lives.

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Scott Hammell

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In the 15 years since he first started being a professional entertainer, Hammell has won four Guinness World records: World’s Highest Suspension Straitjacket Escape, Longest Inverted Juggling Duration, World’s Fastest Moving Card Trick, and Highest Blindfolded Skydive. He calls himself an inspirational entertainer, reaching out to people through his magic shows as well as through his motivational talks. His dream is to inspire others to challenge themselves.

Follow Hammell’s crazy adventures on Twitter @ScottHammell!

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