The second installment to the Hunger Games trilogy is finally out!

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are back to entertain you in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. After winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games, Peeta and Katniss are about to embark on their Victor’s Tour of all the districts. The drama isn’t over, of course, and the two find themselves about to face a rebellion uprising while President Snow prepares for the 75th Annual Hunger Games.

catching fire

You can watch the trailer here:

Thanks to Nusantara Edaran Filem, you can win these cool merchandise: T-shirts, a character magnet, a giant paper clip and a foldable file!


All you have to do to win them is answer these simple questions:

1. Name one other movie Jennifer Lawrence has acted in.

2. What is Liam Hemsworth’s birthday?

3. Who is the best character in the Hunger Games series and why?


Contest ends Dec 17th. Leave your answers below. Good luck.




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