Here’s your chance to snag Tooth Fairy movie premiums. So totally cute!Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson plays Derek ‘The Tooth Fairy” Thompson, a hard-charging hockey player. Derek gets the nickname from his habit of separating his opposing players from their chompers.

When Derek discourages a youngster’s dream, he is sentenced to play a real tooth fairy – complete with the tutu, wings and magic wand!

Initially, Derek fumbles in his new found ‘job’ but soon enough he slowly adapts to his new position and eventually rediscovers his own forgotten dreams.

Do you believe in tooth fairies?

Do you believe in tooth fairies?

Joining Dwayne on the cast list are Ashley Judd, Julie Andrews, Stephen Merchant and Ryan Sheckler.

Directed by Michael Lembeck, Tooth Fairy is currently playing in Malaysian theatres.

For your chance to win ONE (1) set of Tooth Fairy movie premiums – consisting of Fairy Stationary Set, Wand Pen and Women’s T-Shirt – courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film (M) S/B, just answer these questions and complete a slogan.

  1. What is Derek Thompson’s nickname?
  2. Who directed Tooth Fairy?

Complete this slogan: If I were a tooth fairy, I would…

Contest ends Feb 7, 2010. Send in as many entries as you want and winners will be contacted through email.

Good luck!

This contest is officially over. Thank you for participating y’all. Check your email to see if you’re one of the lucky winners!



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