World AIDS day falls on Dec 1 annually, and a new theme has been chosen to commemorate this year’s celebrations. 

The theme, Getting To Zero, will be used until 2015 and it echoes UNAIDS’ (a joint United Nations programme on HIV/AIDS) global vision of achieving not just zero new HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths, but also zero discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS. 

Alongside the theme, a campaign called Act Aware will also be running all year-round, beginning tomorrow. Acting aware means to find out facts on HIV, and using the knowledge to protect oneself and other from being infected with the virus. 

Even with all the available information and campaigns surrounding HIV/AIDS, many people are still unaware or do not understand how the virus is transmitted, and how it can be prevented. 

Many also do not realise the fact that people living with HIV/AIDS still face discrimination from society today. 

Endless information on HIV/AIDS can be found online and in books or magazines, but if you want to communicate with someone about it, you can always contact the PT Foundation or the Malaysian AIDS Council. 

PT Foundation ( is a community-based organisation that provides information, education and care services relating to HIV/AIDS and sexuality. 

The Malaysian AIDS Council or MAC (, is an initiative of the Ministry of Health comprising more than 40 NGOs that work on HIV/AIDS issues. 

Check out their Facebook pages for a list of events and programmes lined up to commemorate World AIDS Day 2011. 

Show your support for the AIDS cause by wearing a red ribbon on your shirt. The red ribbon is the internationally recognised symbol for World AIDS Day.

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