IMAGINE getting professional help (not that kind) to write your own theatre play, and then have it performed in a public read – by professional actors – at the 2014 George Town Festival in Penang directed by the award-winning Claire Wong!

Well, thanks to the Islands and Cities: A Penang/Singapore Youth Playwriting Immersion Workshop project, that’s exactly what six young playwrights from Penang and Singapore will do – if they can produce a winning creative writing piece (short story, play, screenplay, poetry or lyrics).

Renown award-winning playwright Huzir Sulaiman will choose and mentor six lucky playwrights in a five-day immersion workshop held in Penang (June 5-10), after which they will produce a 10-minute play each.

Huzir Sulaiman

Huzir Sulaiman is a renown award-winning playwright.

To participate, all you have to do is write to (before May 5) with the following:

  • A summary of any previous theatre experience.
  • A short piece on why you like to write.
  • A short piece on the reason for your participating in “Islands and Cities: A Penang/Singapore Youth Immersion Playwriting Workshop”.
  • An original creative writing piece (short story, play, screenplay, poem or lyrics) of up to 15 pages.

The competition is only open to those aged 15-18, and those who are both born and living in Penang.

For more information, email Kheng at

R.AGE is the official partner of the Islands And Cities project.

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