1) You’ll Never Walk Alone
Elephants are very communal. Whenever they are faced with a threat, the herd will regroup with the infants in the centre of the circle.

They’re a gentlemanly bunch so these (not-so) gentle giants will give ample warning before they attack. Elephants trumpet loudly as well flap and flare their huge ears. But if you don’t get the message, your relatives will be receiving it instead… through the obituary. J

3) You’ve Got Male!
The hind legs of a male elephant are online casino more widely spread than that of their female counterparts. We wonder why…

4) Wee-zards of Waterly Place
Our hairy two-and-a-half-ton buddies drink 95-100 litres of water each day. It’s no wonder their paddocks are constantly wet – the water has got to go SOMEWHERE!

5) Softies Inside
They’re like M&M’s; hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Ellies understand human language and somewhat surprisingly, despise vulgar language.

6) Elly-fan
Malaysia is hot, okay? Elephants feel the heat too. Their thick skin traps a lot heat underneath but thanks to their Dumbo-sized ears, they’re able to release it!

7) Sugar, Rice and Elly-thing Nice
In KGNECC, baby elephants are fed a blend of brown sugar, soft rice, molasses, and Chemical X – Anlene Gold Milk.


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