My BRATs Experience: Nathelie Yong and Lydia Lee

Two crazy, rather noisy girls, fresh out of high school; one skipped college classes to come, the other waiting on art school.

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My BRATs Experience: Tay Khye Vern

It took a mere 4 days and 3 nights, a group of the most extraordinary peers, and a team of professional journalists to fundamentally change the way I perceived the world.

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My BRATs Experience: Dianne Leong Mae Lynn

Thinking that I would spend most of my time in the ever famous six star resort, Casabrina, doing nothing but writing articles in an air conditioned suite all day long, I decided to join this 4 day 3 night journalism camp.

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My BRATs Experience: Elizabeth Ong

The moment I received the email from The Star BRATs informing me that I had been selected as one of the participants of BRATs Raub, I was screaming and dancing alone in my room.

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My BRATs Experience: Tan Cheng Yew

I could go on and on about how much I love the camp, but one of the numerous things I have learned from the BRATs program is to keep our articles short, simple and sweet.

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My BRATs Experience: Latashah Vallimanalan

When I first found out that I had been selected for BRATs, I didn’t think that I would have the time of my life.

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My BRATs experience: Audrey Au Yong

My BRATs memories in a poem.

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Ready, set, ACTION

The BRATs wrote some pretty amazing stories about their time in Raub, and now their videos are out too!

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Dedication to translocation

The National Elephant Conservation Centre (NECC), Kuala Gandah is highly involved in the translocation of wild elephants.

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7 things you didn't know about elephants

ELEPHANT TRIVIA FTW, all the way from the National Elephant Conservation Centre!

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