We were asked to write about our camp experience throughout the four days. And I thought, what better way to describe these memories than through nonsensical poetry?

I’m no Shakespeare, so here goes nothing.

I remember it,
As if it was yesterday.

From the day I met these BRATS (both literally and figuratively *wink*),
To the day we parted ways.

Located in the quiet hills of Raub,
Casabrina Resort is a place of tranquility.

Then came the team of #BRATsRaub,

Who caused the place to go crazy.

Soon came the stressful assignments,
And workshops on journalism.

Truck trips filled with excitement,
And May Lee’s stand on feminism.

For my favorite trip, I have to say
Of course the elephant sanctuary.

Brofists, puns and adorable ellies,
Who ever said they were scary?

Now back to our inspirational leaders,
May Lee’s full of flair;

Kenneth’s okay with his dog River,
Don’t forget Ian’s fab hair.

Rowdy #TeamIan has potential,
And so does the quiet #TeamMayLee.

But watch out you ‘lil rascals,
#TeamKenneth is as strong as can be.

From the 18th to the 21st,
We have made pleasant memories.

But this is not the end of us,
This is just the beginning.


Please forgive my gibberish,
I was never good at poems.

This might seem a bit crappish,
But I’m actually pretty awesome.


Click here to enjoy more amazing videos from our BRATs Raub camp.

For more info on BRATs, Malaysia’s awesomest, most successful young journalist programme since 1993, click here.

And if you wanna join the programme and attend one of our epic BRATs Camps, click here.


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