Hey boardgame fans: if you’re needing your Spiel 2012 updates and need some live content, why don’t you check out’s video updates?


The annual Spiel event in Essen is pretty much the place to go, every year, as it spotlights the latest boardgames and what-not, in one giant exhibition space.


What are some of the hottest new games? Well, looks like at least one Malaysian is there, as’s CK Au is doing live Facebook updates on his shop’s page, right here.


From two-player Agricola to new expansions to current faves such as Ticket to Ride, there seems to be oodles of good stuff from the legendary annual event.


Cards & Boards shall aim to get an interview with Mr Au once he’s back. Well, stay tuned then, as we talk to him and get the download on the latest and greatest from Spiel 2012!


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