There’s never any doubt on the influence of the first role-playing game titles towards the gaming industry today.


Boardgames such as Dungeon! may be “elementary” in nature, but it serves as useful introductions to many veteran gamers back in the day.


The 1970s boardgame is considered iconic for its simpler rendition of the more complex and mechanical role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, and it just came to my attention that Wizards of the Coast has reprinted it. (Well, got to thank for the spot!)


In Dungeon!, players are adventurers, spread across different classes, and attempt to gain treasure and riches by battling the various monsters in the many levels.


The more levels the players go through, the more difficult the monsters become. The winner of the game is the one that brings back the predetermined amount of treasure back.


So, why not give this a spin, if you’re looking for a classic, simple dungeon-delve and some bruising encounters with monsters? I’m personally curious to see how “old” boardgames are really like! Let me know if anyone bought a copy?


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