The American Idol alum is here and he is ready to rock out at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil tonight, despite having told to tone down his act.

“As much as I hate to compromise, I agreed to it because it would bring people  of Malaysia to my show. I want to thank them for their support, so the compromise was worth it,” said Adam during the press conference earlier today.

Check me out, everyone!

Check me out, everyone!

Dressed in an all-black ensemble, Adam looked  hot with his signature smoky-eyes look and spiky hair – which got the girls (and some guys) screaming away.

I was screaming too (though inside my head) due to annoyance as I had been waiting for the PC to start since 11.45am!

Adam only showed up at around 1.30pm and dude…it’s not cool to keep people waiting no matter how hot you look with eyeliners.

Once he got into the ballroom, everyone swarmed around the stage area  to get a good photograph of the singer (most probably to TwitPic it with this message “Guess who I met today?”)

It took almost five minutes for everyone to settle down and the PC to start.

Oh, before the PC started, Serena C (the emcee) had already requested that we did not ask controversial questions that involved politics, Adam’s sexual preference and the whole no-kissing-guys-on-stage fiasco.

But guess what? Some reporters did ask those questions and Adam was cool enough to answer them all (though he kept the replies short and simple).

“I think we’re making it a far bigger deal than it really is,” said Adam regarding the concert regulations.

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