IF YOU have been keeping up with your daily dosage of celebrity news, you would have heard rumours that Mean Girls alum Rachel McAdams has a new man in her life.

Well, guess what? They are rumours no more.

Rachel has a new man!

Rachel has a new man!

The gorgeous Canadian actress was seen out and about with actor Michael Sheen, holding hands and acting all lovey-dovey, thus putting the assumptions to rest.

Oh, and in case you don’t know this Michael person, he’s Kate Beckinsale’s ex-husband.

The 31-year-old actress first met Michael at a party for his drama Beautiful Boy, and the duo hit it off right from the start. They were seen together at various locations, acting all lovestruck although neither would confirm the union.

Oh well, they don’t have to anymore. We have seen enough photographic evidence to put two and two together to know that they are an exclusive item, which isn’t sitting well with many people actually.

Michael, who has a tween daughter with Kate, is 10 years older than Rachel and, if you asked me, a bit of a downgrade in terms of hunkiness if you compare him to Ryan Gosling — Rachel’s previous boyfriend. (Oh, Ryan … he is totally drool worthy!)

Yeah, they say love is blind and if you have seen some of the celebrity couplings in the recent years, you would believe that saying is rather true yourself.

Have you seen Hayden's man?

Have you seen Hayden's man?

Take, for example, Hayden Panettiere and Ukrainian boxer Wladmir Klitschko. I have said this before and don’t mind saying it again for the next 10 years — that is one heck of a mismatched couple.

Have you seen pictures of these two together? Don’t. It would just freak you out.

Wladmir, who is 196cm, towers over the petite 152cm Hayden and the paparazzi have a field day snapping pictures of this vertically mismatched couple.

My colleague once mentioned that it is a little disturbing to see ”romantic” pictures of them together because it always seems as if Wladmir is inappropriately touching an underaged girl.

It’s true — no matter how much make-up 21-year-old Hayden applies on her face, she just ends up looking like an overly made-up schoolgirl.

Speaking of schoolchildren, guess which other celebrity looks like a child standing next to their partner? Jamie Cullum.

The British singer, who always looks like a kid late for school (messy hair, untucked shirt, crumpled pants, untied shoelaces) is a stark contrast to his gorgeous supermodel wife Sophie Dahl.

Isn't this an odd couple?

Isn't this an odd couple?

Many people have wondered what Sophie sees in Jamie, and well, that remains a mystery. A rock star doesn’t always have to be good looking to snag the hottest thing on the market. How else do you think Mick Jagger managed to create that many spawns then?

Even Muse frontman, Matt Bellamy, who often reminds me of a shivering rat, managed to get one of the hottest babes in Hollywood. Matt is currently dating actress Kate Hudson and news of them hooking up got many gossip blogs abuzz.

I don’t know why the revelation came as a surprise to many people. Hudson has always been into rock stars and doesn’t give a hoot when it comes their looks. Have you seen her baby daddy, former The Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson? Yeah, my sentiments exactly.

They are a couple (for now, at least) and we have to accept the truth whether we like it or not. Just like how we have to accept the fact that someone as pretty as Emmy Rossum could find Adam Duritz hot.

Don’t know who Adam is? Google Image him (he is the lead singer of the band Counting Crows).

But Adam’s face is not the most suprising thing about him actually. Did you know that he has a history of dating super gorgeous women, and falling under his ex-girlfriend list are just some of the hottest Hollywood A-listers like Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Mary-Louise Parker?

If you’re going ”What?” in disbelief, I totally get it. And if you’re also wondering what secret talent Adam possesses to get all the hot girls, don’t. Some things are just better left as mysteries.

Sharm says: This just shows that everybody has a fighting chance at snagging a hottie. Go for it, y’all.

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