If you’ve not played Hasbro / Avalon Hill’s 2004 boardgame, Betrayal at House on the Hill, then you’re missing out on one of the best suspense and horror boardgames, period.

Well, if you do not own a mighty fine copy now, fret not. There’s an all-new edition that’s lurking around the corner, and all set to drop faster than a silent guillotine in a creepy old mansion. (Almost, anyways.)

Avalon Hill (Hasbro’s subsidiary for boardgames) has announced on its website ( that it’s set to unleash an updated version by early October. 

Why is the game so fun? Maybe it’s the fact that halfway through the game, one of the players will be revealed as the “traitor” and proceed to unleash the random horror / villain / method of murder on everyone else.

Or maybe it’s because of the fact that the Traitors Tome booklet, which contains dozens and dozens of monstrosities and evils, is just littered with the creepiest and coolest villains and horrors ever. You know, mummies, poltergeists, banshees, spirits and all that.

Wait, I think I like Betrayal’s endless and rich replayability. I mean, we’ve seen games that have hidden board placements – meaning – the characters randomly walk into new tiles and components that represent parts of the creaky old mansion that everyone’s stuck in. But this game does it so well, and the system is so fitting a suspenseful game.

For those who already own the game, afraid there’s little reason to buy this refresh. Unless you insist on getting the new Haunts and items of course 😉

More details will be revealed as the early October launch date nears. Local retailers should start selling the game about the same time – stay tuned for more details folks!

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