I AM pretty sure that everyone is up to their necks with stories about the latest Kardashian wedding – Kimberly’s to be precise.

From the day the news of her engagement to professional basketball player Kris Humphries broke, stories about her wedding have been shoved down our throats almost daily.

Not that we are complaining. We like that bunch … most of the time.

Details about the wedding kept pouring in and soon enough, everybody knew what cake Kim was getting, which designer was making her wedding gown, what she put in her wedding registry, the extended guestlist and almost everything else.

While the Kardashians’ TV home – E! – tried to keep everything under wraps, as they want to lure viewers to watch the ceremony on the channel in October, details of her wedding kept popping up.

Kim got married y'all!

According to sources, the leaks were made on purpose as part of the deals made by Kim’s “momager” Kris Jenner with the respective businesses.

Kris is no ordinary business woman, you know. She helped the Kardashian family make RM193mil last year and that savvy lady knows just how to get the moolah flowing in.

A mere association with Kim (and the rest of the Kardashian clan) means more clientele for businesses, and Kris got them to look at this wedding as an opportunity to advertise their goods.

Reports have it that the leaks have helped the businesses earn more money in the last two months than they ever did before.

While most couples break the bank just to plan a moderate wedding, Kim and Humphries actually made money off theirs (all thanks to Kris’ clever business deals, of course).

(Warning: If you’re the jealous type and are in the middle of planning a wedding you cannot afford … you may not want to read what comes after this.)

Kim and Humphries and the rest of the Kardashians reportedly did not spend much money but instead made over RM53.2mil from the wedding ceremony-turned-media extravaganza!

The clan is getting the biggest payout from the two-part TV spectacular called Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event, which will earn them between RM35.6mil and RM44.5mil.

They also made another RM7.4mil by selling the exclusive wedding photo rights to People magazine which will hit news stands soon.

Kim also saved a lot of money by getting her three Vera Wang gowns (worth almost RM45,000 each), a 10-tiered wedding cake (worth RM45,000), RM1.2mil worth of champagnes and RM5.9mil flower arrangements for free.

Rumour has it that the actual cost of this wedding could reach up to RM59.4mil, making it one of the most expensive weddings of all time.


Sharm says: Wow, with all that amount of money that went into the wedding, let’s hope that Kim and Humphries stay together forever … or at least long enough for the ‘sponsors’ to recoup the money they spent.

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