The couple – who had never officially confirmed their relationship status – were seen having dinner at Taylor’s hometown in Nashville.

Jake, 29, and Taylor, who recently turned 21, had been going out for a couple of months until the actor decided to call it quits.

Sources claimed that the decision blindsided Taylor, who was starting to have some strong feelings for the Prince of Persia actor. Aww…poor thing. She had also bonded with Jake’s sister, Maggie, and her daughter Ramona and were even photographed together.

From Us magazine.

From Us magazine.

Some say that it’s the age difference that got between them. Well, I think so too. Can you really picture flower-loving, cute and girly Taylor who loves all things glitter with a bearded man who is ready to settle down? I can’t.

People who saw the couple together at the restaurant earlier this week said that the couple acted cordial to one another and were not overly affectionate like they were before.

Sharm says: Hmm…I guess only Taylor’s next song will tell us what the relationship and breakup was all about.

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