Finally, a number one movie for Ashton Kutcher but is Natalie Portman the actual reason behind the success?

We all know that Ashton doesn’t exactly churn out box office movies, so the news that his latest movie No Strings Attached debuted at the top spot is a sweet one indeed.

The movie’s premise is actually nothing new – two friends who decide to take their friendship to another level – so, it’s definitely not the storyline that people are out to see.

A scene from No Strings Attached

A scene from No Strings Attached

It cannot be denied that Natalie is currently the it-girl and people cannot get enough of her, thanks to her outstanding performance in the much talked about movie Black Swan.

She recently won the Best Actress award at the Golden Globe Awards and Critics’ Choice Movie Awards and is expected to do the same at the upcoming SAG and Academy Awards.

Natalie shows that she is capable of doing more than just playing wifey to Darth Vader or a tortured ballerina. No Strings Attached also marks a change in her choice of genre as this is Natalie’s first rom-com, which is also her first number one movie in five years.

Sharm says: I knew it. Nobody in their right mind would go watch a movie for Ashton!

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