Chelsea might go on to break all sorts of records this season – goals scored, points total, most opposition teams humiliated, etc., but I wonder if they already have set a new EPL record – for having the most left-footed players on the pitch.

By the end of their 1-0 defeat away at Manchester City a couple of weeks ago, Carlo Ancelotti had SIX primarily left-footed players on the field – Petr Cech, Ashley Cole, Yuri Zhirkov (still chuckling at his name… I know, I’m totally juvenile), Florent Malouda, Josh McEachran and Daniel Sturridge. I really can’t think of any team who’ve fielded that many left-footers before in the EPL.

I don’t know why, but I found it intriguing. For me, left-footed players are just somehow cooler, like Ryan Giggs, Roberto Carlos, Lionel Messi, and of course, Diego Maradona.

So I decided to ask Norman Hubbard, Soccernet’s resident “football anorak” who takes time every week (or fortnight, is it?) to answer questions about football from readers, what is the record for the most left-footed players in a team?

Now if there’s anybody who can answer my question, it will be Norm. This guy possesses an unhealthy amount of football knowledge, statistics and trivia; and there are times I’ve wondered if he even knows what coloured undies Wayne Rooney fancies.

I emailed him my question last week, and the latest edition of “Ask Norman” came out a few days ago but my question wasn’t in it. Maybe he’s still doing some research on it. Or, like probably a lot of people out there, he doesn’t share my silly fascination with left-footed players.

I definitely know I’m not the only one though. There’s a whole Facebook page dedicated to the top left-footed footballers ever, the very creatively-named the Brilliant Left-footed Footballers’ Appreciation Society.

But do any of you know the answer? Do you know any team who’ve fielded more than SIX left-footers at the same time?

I read an article saying the Dutch national team at the World Cup had quite a lot of left-footers, but they only had FOUR – Arjen Robben, Robin van Persie, Giovanni van Bronckhorst, and new Tottenham Hotspur darling Rafael van der Vaart.

Spain on the other hand, only seem to have one left-footed outfield player, left-back Joan Capdevila. Even then, I can’t be sure about that because I’ve seen him using his right-foot a lot as well. Can anybody clear that up as well? Is Capdevila left or right-footed?

Anyway, fingers crossed Norman decides to look into my question. Or maybe you guys can do better and just anwer it for me.

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