#TeamClaire: Now everyone can ride

THE date Dec 20, 2017, marked the first birthday of Awana SkyWay. According to operations executive Asman Faidy, 42, there are usually 20,000 passengers each day, rising to 30,000 on weekends.

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#TeamMayLee: Police with a purpose

THE word “police” might bring to mind uniforms and police cars, but below that surface is an immense amount of coordination that ensures the unit’s efficiency and effectiveness. This is where Isaac Koh, 25, comes in.

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#TeamClaire: Top cops of Genting

BUSTING bad guys, rescuing citizens in distress, and swaggering around with firearms are all part of being a cop – according to the movies at least. To dispel some of those myths, we interviewed members of the Resort World Genting (RWG) auxiliary police about their lives and work.

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#TeamSatpal: Canines in action

THE idea of having a K9 unit at Resorts World Genting (RWG) dates back to 1970 when security guard Jerry Newton was on his nightly round with Nero, his pet German Shepherd.

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Games that save lives

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Helping young Malaysians pioneer social projects

Contrary to the advice of many popular listicles, the solution to your lack of personal fulfilment may not be to quit your job and travel the world.

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No laughing matter for Jason Leong

Malaysia comedian Jason Leong is on a quest to be crowned the funniest man in the world – and he might just manage it.

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Ground(s)-breaking achievement for Keith Koay, Malaysia’s top barista

Keith Koay became the first Malaysian to place in the top 16 of the World Barista Championship, with a pandan-infused signature drink.

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