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VIDEO: Martin Odegaard’s best goals and skills

This just in: 16-year-old wonderkid Martin Odegaard will join Real Madrid, and judging by this video, they have got themselves a real world-beater.

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VIDEO: The latest Avengers trailer, explained

All the little hints and clues about the movie you might have missed because you weren’t a big enough comic geek.

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Dog figures out how to take bus to the park

A dog in Seattle has learned how to get to the dog park on its own — by taking the bus!

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Is the new ‘Avengers’ movie taking itself too seriously?

Is is just me, or do the Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailers just look waaaaaaay too dark and ominous?

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Messi hints he might leave Barca — again!

If you read obsessively between the lines like we do, then the Messi to Manchester United transfer might really be on after his latest quotes.

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PHOTOS: The world commemorates Charlie Hebdo massacre victims

The massacre at Charlie Hebdo’s office was an attack against freedom of expression, and the world is rallying against it.

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Why Lionel Messi to Man Utd just might happen

Five reasons why Lionel Messi will probably head to Manchester United if he does decide to leave Barcelona.

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VIDEO: Steven Gerrard’s emotional LFC TV interview

The Liverpool legend struggled to contain his emotions while speaking the day after he announced his impending departure from the club.

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Steven Gerrard, Liverpool, Football

Steven Gerrard to leave Liverpool

It’s the day all Liverpool fans have been dreading — Steven Gerrard, one of the finest players of the Premier League era, will be leaving the club on a free transfer.

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QZ8501, AirAsia, Indonesia

LIVE BLOG: The search for QZ8501

It seems our worst fears have been confirmed — bodies have been found floating off the coast of Borneo during the search for missing Indonesia AirAsia flight QZ8501.

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